he circumstances that bring parents to the store have been building for months, if not years. And the ways the lives of families in the community are touched by their experiences with the Christmas Store continue to ripple through their lives long after their shopping day.

2021 Snapshot

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180 families served
472 children served
189 volunteers
served 1,022 hours
Lupe has two children––a nine-year-old girl and an eleven-year-old boy––and is attending the Christmas Store for her third year. She first learned about the Christmas Store through Puente del Pueblo, at the after-school program. Lupe says:

My motivation in coming is, first, they help economically because the prices are much better here than at any other store. Secondly, I think that by coming to the Store we are helping the Church gather funds for other programs. They use all that money they gather for other programs where there is need. Aside from the economic help, I can give my kids gifts for Christmas.

I want to thank the Christmas Store for being part of the team and for making this happen because, without them, this wouldn't have been possible.
- Lupe (Shopper)
Mark was a cashier at the Christmas Store, his first-time volunteering at the Store. He first heard about the Store through a friend at church and registered to volunteer right away. Mark comes from Panama City, Panama. Mark shared his thoughts with us: 

I wanted to serve in the community, to network, connect with people, and make new friends. What I would say to people is "Come and see what this is all about." The Storeis about sharing, connecting with people, and serving the community.

My experience with the Store has been great. It has been awesome. I get to see people smiling through their masks even though I can't physically see the smile. I can see it in their eyes, and you know they're smiling. You can see the joy of having the gift for their kids. That's why it has been the best experience working with people from the church community. So far, my most memorable experience has been seeing someone with a lot of gifts because you can see the joy in their face.
- Mark (Volunteer)